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July 2014 Toggle Singapore Feature - Green Cleaners

As featured in July 2014. Green Cleaners' Director and Founder Colin Pudsey talks about the types of services we offer and the wide range of benefits for our clients who choose our healthier services and products.



As successfully featured on the Angel's Gate!

Green Cleaners' founder Colin Pudsey, successfully pitches our growing business opportunity and increasing demand for our services/products to Asia's leading VC's. As featured on CNA's Angel's Gate - Feb 2012.



300 Years of FOSSIL FUELS in 300 Seconds


Fossil fuels have powered human growth and ingenuity for centuries. Now that we're reaching the end of cheap and abundant oil and coal supplies, we're in for an exciting ride. While there's a real risk that we'll fall off a cliff, there's still time to control our transition to a post-carbon future.



Toxic Chemical Lobby: Exclusive Leaked Footage!

The secret is out: the toxic chemicals industry is designing a PR campaign for survival! Bisphenol A in baby bottles, water bottles, and food cans. Formaldehyde in furniture. Phthalates in air fresheners, soft plastics, and fragrances. The manufacturers of these chemicals are not taking the push for regulation lying down (despite their public claims of support for safety). Don't be duped!

Please watch the video and then share it to help spread the word! Thanks to our friends at Safer Chemicals, Healthier Families.


November 2009 Channel News Asia - 'Eco Ventures'

As featured on Channel News Asia's 'Eco Venture' highlight in November 2009. Green Cleaners' director and founder Colin Pudsey talks about the type of people that choose Green Cleaners and who can benefit from our eco friendly services.


August 2009 Channel News Asia

As featured on Channel News Asia's - 'The Green List'. Showcasing eco friendly lifestyle choices in Singapore....

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